Saturday, January 29, 2011

2 Days, 7 Hours....

Just finished a modeling entry, that seriously took me days to finish...probably about 7 hours or so in total.

I'm normally not a fan of the collage, but this time it was required for a ''Spring Break'' related assignment for Clique. 5 pictures minimum.

Firstly this was difficult as we don't have ''Spring Break'' where I come from....we go to the beach all year round (no one in NZ lives more than an hour from a beach, except Hamilton where its about 1h 15mins to Raglan). From movies and pictures I kinda guessed it was kinda like Orientation week for college students, lots of drinking, shagging and being total morons.

I created 5 different sets, with multiple different extras, and three different outfit changes for my main model....I tired to do an idea that was different to what the majority of entries were going to be (Beach, swimming etc related)

My model Simone is spending her Spring Break in the city with her best friend Kylie, following Kylie's brothers band ''Cavity Dust'' going to their concert dates, pub performances and chilling out for jam sessions in the hotel room.

Here's each of the model shots, and then the final collage.


  1. Looks awesome! :D I love the daredevil/chug one, also it laughed when you mentioned O week, its gonna be O week soon ;P

  2. They're all amazing so I'm glad you've posted them all here separate so we can see them.. the collage is awesome, and I normally hate them xD

  3. I can see every bit of hard work that went into those pics. Every time you look at each one, you see something different, and all of them have a vibe and so much movement. The settings - amazing!

    You kicked ass with this!!

  4. Thanks everyone! It's only the second time I've ever done the collage deal hopefully its good enough to keep me in the's a hard one :D

  5. That is just fantastic, PK! You are simply awesome with your modeling entries!