Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lets end this Bullshit

Ironically I am pleading to the blogging community to stop blogging drama laced posts....through YES a blog post.

This thing was stupid when it started, it should never have moved beyond the private emails between Yaz and JK, should have never been shared with, blogged by, re blogged and blogged again by people not even remotely involved and no one should have given a toss to begin with.

I don't know Yazzie well enough, I don't know about her private life, nor do I want to, and I certainly don't care if she has or hasn't made up stuff or embellished things a little. I didn't know what job her fiance did beyond ''military'' didn't know about Yaz's miscarriages or cancer...and without trying to sound like a cold mean bitch, I honestly didn't care to know. I sent her warm fuzzies when I heard she was in hospital, just as people had done for my father in law, but I'm not into getting super deeply involved with people on the internet. Therefore all these, suspicions of lying were news to me.

I'm not condoning anyone's actions, this whole thing was adopted so....disgustingly quick it made you all look like a bunch of drama whores, regardless of who started it and who blogged it. Nobody thought about how it was going to effect Yaz, not until after the fact. Even if any of what what suspected by members of Cloud 10 was true, no one ever deserves to have their personal life thrown to the wolves like that....I don't give a fuck who they are and how terrible you might think their actions are.

Now it's time to settle down and move on, the parties who were actually involved (JK and Yaz) can continue it privately if they see fit...apologies whatever, and the rest of us can remove ourselves, since none of us are making this situation easier for either party, and it was never our business to begin with.

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