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One thing that has begun to frustrate me is people who use words that they don’t fully understand. The sims forum for example, is littered with people who can’t spell, or those you can’t have an intelligent conversation with, I have come to tolerate them, apparently our school systems aren’t what they used to be. Amongst those however are the people who PRETEND that they are eloquent human beings and whenever possible will use words they don’t understand.

Like this one girl, and I’m sure she was a girl and not a woman lol, using the word ignorant to describe people that are trying to explain to her that she is misinformed about Sims Medieval being at all related to the Sims 3 project...when she in fact is the ignorant one >.<. Also then going to show how ignorant she really is by not reading the facts re-posted for her reading pleasure and continuing to rant on about how Medieval wasn’t wanted (in her precious little world) and that they should have released an expansion with pets, or seasons instead.

Please kids, I know using the search function on your browser is super hard and all...but perhaps you should try it next time you try to make yourself look intelligent on the internet. There are dictionaries online since it is apparent that you don’t have a physical copy, nor have ever used one before.

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