Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes when you create an image for a modeling competition everything slides into place and you fall in love with your own picture.
And other times you sit there for ages, looking at it, wondering if you could do something different to make it better, because its just missing.....something.

I'm currently on the cusp of loving this picture, but with the quality of entries for the comp it is for...I don't quite know if it is enough to get in the top three (I always aim for top three every round in every comp now)

We were giving options of a variety of mythical beings, of course whenever a ''first come first pick'' assignment comes up I'm the last to choose, so I end up with the leftovers, which this time happened to be MEDUSA.

Here she is.


  1. oo its pretty good. personaly tho i think her outfit is just too green. but i love the post and everything else

  2. Haha! That's awesome! She could turn me into stone 0_o

  3. I love it PK, I also like how you use in game backgrounds!

  4. That is awesome! Having all those sims in the picture is hard!