Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sad News

So my husband and I received an email today from my mother in law. Gregs father has been in a big car accident.

Now your probably wondering why the fuck she emailed us instead of called....and I honestly can't answer that lol, this family always seems to use the internet rather than the phone.

ANYWAYS, he's ok, ok in a sense that he's alive...he does however have some broken ribs and a broken shoulder amongst all the other bumps and bruises. We weren't given many details about what actually happened, and I have a feeling that's because he caused the accident. He has a disability and I'm not actually sure he's meant to be driving. When he was younger he had Hodgkins lymphoma, and it was treated with radiation...which medical officials believe has caused his nerve damage, which has steadily got worse over the years. He finds it very difficult to walk and cant do so for long distances, and has lost feeling in many parts of his legs.

He's a stubborn bloke, and loves his independence...even though you can tell he's in pain and very uncomfortable sometimes, he never complains and is always in a happy mood. He's one of those people that is very hard to dislike, shitty things always seem to happen to the nicest people.

So if you pray, make sure to reserve some for Bill and his wife, it's going to be a long and hard recovery.


  1. Oh my, that's terrible PK! D:

    I really hope he has a smooth recovery, and nothing too bad or situation deteriorating happens.

    Good Luck to you and your family!

  2. Hey PK, sorry to hear this! I will remember to pray for Bill. Hoping he has a quick recovery. He sounds like he has a strong will and I have a feeling he will be alright.

  3. im sorry to hear that :( i will keepn him in my heart and thought. may he have a speedy recovery

  4. Thanks guys :D
    Got an update, he has an air bubble on his chest so he's still in intensive care.
    And we found out that it was indeed his fault, but had nothing to do with the disability, was him being lazy and not checking properly before pulling out onto the freeway....a woman hit him doing 100...shes fine apparently.

  5. A woman hit him doing 100?! Or wait, maybe that isn't mph...but regardless, I'll definitely keep them in my thoughts and prayers. That must have been so frightening...

  6. Aw I'm sorry PK! Hope he has a speedy recovery. Be keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  7. He and you and all your family will be in my prayers. I know from here there isn't much I can do, but if you do think of something let me know. *hugs*

  8. Im sorry to hear that :( my thoughts are with you