Friday, January 14, 2011

How does one, ''Get a Life?''

''Get A Life''
We have all heard this saying many times before, shit I think I've even used it in a fit of rage usually when faced with someone who spends just a WEE bit too much time researching and spouting off the intricacies of World Of Warcraft.

It is normally used when someone is faced with someone more intelligent (hey this guy knows way more about Intellect vs Spirit vs Critical Strike rating for my class than I do), with a high attention to detail (He knows where all the best sites are to visit and understands the equations), who is better at something than someone else (self explanatory, this dude kicks my ASS at the game), who puts some time into something I find personally is a little silly (Researching a game like its a question in a history final is a bit much) and more often used as an insult with no real foundation of Relevance (This dude is a total nerd because he loves WoW just a bit more the average human being)

Now of course there's the added, the person has no friends, no other hobbies, doesn't get laid etc etc yadda yadda, blah blah, assumptions tied onto the statement of ''Get a Life''. But the majority of the time are totally without evidence. Even the hardcore gamers have friends, some of them get laid (some while playing the game at the same time, you should try it kids, it puts ''hard mode'' in any game) and many, while not being into the ''cool'' hobbies like.........snowboarding, surfing or.....I dunno fucken....getting drunk and passing out, they still have other interests.

But how does one ''get a life'' anyways? I'm alive therefore I have ''a life''.

I think the huge difference between me and those that use this statement a lot is that I'm not a total douche-bag. I don't at all assume that my idea of a ''life'' is what a ''life'' actually is, I could say that building sim houses, slagging off people I don't even know in a internet chatbox, plotting against a group of people blogging their opinions on their own blogs and thinking that being ''famous'' on the internet (and not even the internet but on a small game related website lol) is cool/important/meaningful = having no life, but then I could be wrong, yes?