Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling a bit poo

I didn't think stomach flu was contagious, well at least that's what my husband said the doctor told him, he has been sick for a few days, but then just as he was getting better I seem to get it.

My immune system must be so crap that I can magically make any bug transfer to my system.

For some reason the wireless internet doesn't always work with my laptop so for the past few days I'll occasionally get online via the lappy in the living room, but the majority of my time I've been camped out in the bedroom playing Pokemon on my husbands DS.

Yeah Pokemon....I'm not a fan, but I do enjoy games where you have to collect things, and the mindless grinding style is perfect for my brain right now, I can just zone out and run up and down long grassy areas lol.

I did get one competition entry done this morning, I'm not overly happy with it, but creating ''Art'' which is the aim of JK's comp ''Canvas'' just isn't happening for me right now so it will have to do.

The assignment is to create a political poster something that spreads a message. Everyone is kinda doing pro military stuff (cept Kelle who did a hilarious ''Wake up America'' picture with EA's forum moderators taking the role of the USA) so I did a pro peace poster.


  1. Aww such a cute pic, and get well soon! I would add a hug but I kinda need to be healthy atm xD

  2. I've always heard that the Ftomach Flu is extremely contagious :/ Growing up my mom would always have us quarantined off from the rest of the household when we got it to try to prevent anyone else get it.

    Have your hubs boil some fresh chopped up ginger in some water for you to sip to help soothe your stomach.

    Awesome Pic BTW

  3. mmmmm ginger

    Yeah I think next time hubby is sick there will be no smoochies for him, no matter what he tells me hehehe