Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So I uninstalled WoW....took forever I might add, it's the first time in like....6 years I haven't had that icon on my desktop, so yay.

Replaced that crack with a different form of crack, but it doesn't appear to be as addicting as WoW was so far. I played Forsaken World for a bit last night (a bit being 17 levels) while simultaneously fixing my sims games, multi tasking for the win (though I didn't so much as fix my sims game as watch it randomly start working again with me doing pretty much nothing)

The interface seems pretty simple, there's a few things I haven't quite worked out.....pretty embarrassing shit actually like rotating the camera while running, selling items to vendor and dragging new spells and potions to the bar for quick button usage, but I'm sure playing when I'm not strung out on no sleep might remedy this.

I haven't worked out how to take screen-shots either, but I'm sure there was something about that on either Zeri's or LE's blogs.

I did in the end go for the Bard, just to test out the music system....each song I play causes either wind, water or light damage while also producing a note, different combination's of notes set off different secondary attacks....so far I only have two, one freezes the target and the other provides me with an attack buff.

If I get the chance tonight I will post some pictures of ''Dezrayne'' and a competition entry that I'm currently working on for Dark Shadowz.


  1. Press Print Screen. It will tell you it was saved to your folder. I think it will be in program files :)

    I'll have to check out the bard now hehe.

  2. I figured it would be something like that, is there a command to hide the interface as well?

  3. That I don't know, but possibly.