Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Buffet the Cannibal Lamb

How cool is that post title lol

My husband and I popped down to Safeway to grab a few grocery items and happened to turn up on the ''No Tax'' day, so we went a bit crazy. The Easter items were also on special and this is where I ended up with Buffet.

Buffet might be a bunny rabbit, he actually looks more like one in this picture it seems to make his ears look longer, but in person he really could pass for either a bunny or a lamb, being that lambs are also animals you see often in Easter decorations since it's a spring time holiday, the tag also stated Buffet is a farm animal and bunny doesn't really scream ''farm'' to me.

Anyways, I named him Buffet the Cannibal Lamb, because he looks like he ate all the other lambs LOL

I'm tempted to make him a black bow tie, top hat and fangs so he can be renamed Count Cannibal Lamb hehe


  1. LoL he's such a cute little cannibal

  2. Lmao I love him - and Count Cannibal Lamb would be HILARIOUS, you should do it xD

    He'd be cute with a little napkin & fork too