Thursday, May 5, 2011

New Page

Added a new page to the blog which can be now found under the new section to the right labeled ''Pages''.

This has a record of all my Sims 3 modeling wins and runner up positions along with the cool siggies peoples took the time to make for me.

I personally don't particularly like the animated GIF signatures people use to display all their siggies in the small amount of room we get on the forums, so I think this is the next best way to make sure that the hosts who created them don't think it was all for nothing.

I'm thinking of adding other pages at some point but since I just became the winner of Fashionista Madness Cycle 2, I thought this was a good time to create my Sim Modeling History page :D


  1. I like this idea, may copy you if you don't mind. I would have to dig up info if i can remember.

  2. Don't mind at all :D I had to double check a few things from the older comps myself.

    I lost at least one siggy too, one of the runner up ones I couldn't find