Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The title of the post is also the name of the 8th Assignment for Dark Shadowz, two more assignments left in this non elimination competition, and it looks like I'll be taking second. I need to get my hands on a tablet so I can actually start getting into editing, my hand just isn't steady enough with a mouse.

I have however been playing around with the new animation player, made by the same modder who created the now widely used pose player. One other creator made a couple of animation unlocker downloads, I havent tried out the WA ones but I don't think you need the Expac to play them which is awesume.

Anyways here is the entry for Dark Shadowz, as always the story behind it is posted on the actual thread over at Unbound


  1. Same here! I can't edit/draw with a mouse for crap >.<

  2. Yeah tried some hair drawing with my mouse....was a no go lol