Monday, May 16, 2011

Random My Little Pony Post

Anyone old enough to remember watching My Little Pony?

Theres a new one, and it's freaken adorable....well in particular Fluttershy


  1. When I was young, I used to steal my sister's My Little Pony dolls, and do their hair :')

  2. Hahahaha my brother used to do the same thing with mine!

    I had the ones where you applied hot water to the pictures on their bums and it reveled another picture. Back when the hot/cold water color changing thing was super impressive lol

  3. LOL, yeah. I had 3. One you could sniff and it smelled like blueberries. They were so adorable.

  4. i freekin loved my little pony when i was a girl. i had this little fold up stable set and dozens of ponys. we use to trade them with friends and stuff..

  5. I had so many of them it was ridiculous, they were some of my all-time favorite toys from the 80s. I think I might have ONE left after all these years *cries And I never let ANYONE touch them or play with them at all!

  6. @Zeri We used to do the trading at school too!

    @Cel Yeah I had a far amount of them myself, that and stuff from the cartoon Lady Lovelylocks and the pixitails lol