Friday, May 6, 2011

Finale for Vanity Cycle 2 (Male Edition)

After a huge mission of trying to find the code for the ''arrested'' pose. (which is a2a_burglar_cuff_x for anyone interested, I've entered it so many times I know if off by heart now lol) I have finally finished my entry for the finale of Vanity.

I'm pretty sure Sweetbaby has me beat, her in game pictures are amazing, and Vanity is a no editing comp. But I at least wanted to give it a good shot.

The assignment is to show the darker side of modeling. Fame has corrupted and twisted our model. The picture must also reflect the sin ''Vanity'' in it.

Here is my entry and little description.

The lifestyle of the rich and famous is not for everyone. While full of glamour it also has a darker side, one that every celebrity will come in contact with at one time or another.
Unfortunately for Zokai he did not have the tools to cope with gaining so much fame all at once. His head got so big he felt that he was unstoppable and no aspect of the film and media industry was out of his reach.
He slowly spiralled in the night life aspect of being famous, the drinking and the drugz. He then moved on to ladies of the night whom where more than happy to cater to his every whim.
It was a usual night for Zokai, the night he was arrested. He had rented an upmarket hotel suit, hired some ladies, and laid out enough coke, prescription pills and booze to kill an elephant. He then decided to film an impromptu adult film featuring his girls in some designer swimsuits, in compromising positions in the living room and spa. He would of course be the star, and if his popularity ever waned he could release the picture to bring himself back into the limelight, where he belongs.
He didn't even notice his little party getting out of hand until the police turned up at the door, arresting him on a multitude of charges....chasing down half baked, and half nekkid woman at the same time.


  1. Looks awesome PK. Good luck in the comp :D

  2. Good luck PK, awesome pic :)