Thursday, May 19, 2011

Learned Something New Today

Spent forever bashing my head against the computer trying to work out why everyone else could see the full posts and pictures at Bliss's new Sims modeling site ''Sims 3 Unbound'' but why I couldn't.

I tried changing the resolution, and actually discovered that while I could change it, that the max height my screen would support is 768, something I didn't actually know and which now makes me a sad panda. I normally just rock whatever screen resolution is default, but after seeing the small improvements to the quality through higher resolutions it made me want a new computer all that more, since this one's screen has such a limitation.

Zooming out on the browser window rather than changing the resolution did in the end fix it, now I can see everything fine over on the site, even if the text is a bit small now. But now I REALLY want a new computer hehe

1 comment:

  1. I know the feeling dude -- I hope you can get one soon >.< The res on our old computer was 800x600 and wouldn't even play TS2. I have never wanted anything as bad in my LIFE as I wanted a new pc then lol.