Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hitched Volume 3 Sci fi/Fantasy Edition Finale

It's been a long time coming. With all my real life shiz and other competitions it has taken me forever to get this all together.
I'm not entirely happy with it, I did try some more minor editing, and some new lighting effects that I think make my pictures look less cartoony and more real so we will see how the judges take it.

I have a few other competitions worth of pictures to post, but I'll wait till tomorrow to post get one lot a day! Greedy buggers! hehe

So here's the finale entry, two pictures. One is an escape from a very bad situation, and the other is a visit to earth.....I decided to combine the the two photos into a little mini story to finish off the story arch I had created with my couple.

Picture one: Against all odds

Orpal and Vortox had got a bit too comfortable in recent months. It appeared that the bounty on their head had faded into the background, perhaps there were bigger fish to fry out in the universe. Because of this they had been getting more and more cocky, flying into areas of space that could be very detrimental to their safety, and even visiting places they really shouldn't be.

It was during one such visit that they found themselves in a hot mess.

Through his growing preoccupation with space gun technology, Votox had made a friend in Professor Flockenburg who was a rather brilliant, but also absent minded inventor.

''I would love it if you and the little lady would stop by and see my newest invention'', he told Vortox during a video call.

''What exactly is it?'', questioned Vortox.

''Well it's kind of like a time machine, but also has the functions of a teleporter and it provides the user with clothing that will fit the time period and destination''

''Sounds tricky'', Vortox grinned, ''Is it safe? can we try it out?''

''I guess so'', the professor said, scratching his head, something he does quite often, ''There's a few kinks here and there, but nothing too serious''.

''Excellent, we'll be there as soon as we can!''

The professor had forgot to mention that their had been a number of sightings of a few well known bounty hunters in the area, but then again he forgets quite a lot of things.

Orpal didn't think twice when her husband suggested they visit a port in which they were wanted, and the two soon arrived in Taladeni and headed over to the laboratory to check out all of Professor Flokenburg's creations.

They had been there all of 15 mins when a familiar face barged into the inventing floor. Someone who they had previously...ripped off in a bar deal a long time back.

''You two have a lot of guts coming here, but not a lot of brains'', he growled.

Beside him Hennatae one top of the range assassin, drew her electro blade, her fingers ready to send an electrical charge through its length if the couple decided to try and fight back.

They were cornered!

Vortox picked up a nearby temporal gun, but he had no faith in it working correctly, it was a prototype. Orpal began manipulating mental energy in her hand, something she had begun studying years ago, but never really used in combat.

''Some help would be fabulous'', Orpal called out to the Professor, who stood dumbfounded behind a control pad in the corner.

Their only option for escape was the time machine/teleporter. Vortox and Orpal obviously busy dodging net attacks and bantering with the bounty hunters didn't notice the Professor muttering to himself and scratching his head. The old man had forgotten how his own invention worked.

He eventually mashed a few buttons and the doors began to open, red light peaking out from behind the metal.

''Thanks a bunch we owe you one'', screamed back Orpal as the two walked backwards into oblivion.

Picture Two: Earth

The two tumbled through endless space, lights so bright they were practically blinded, the colors changed from Red, to Green, to orange and finally to a lovely calming blue right before they were rudely exported from the time tunnel.

The sight they were met with was unnerving. They found themselves standing in a small room surrounded by small beings with pinky skin staring at them with large round eyes. One turned away and screamed at the top of her lungs, while the others all began talking at one in an odd language moving closer and closer to the couple.

''Do you think they are friendly?'', Orpal asked Vortox moving closer to her husband.

''I have no.........what, what the hell am I wearing? and what happened to my hair!''

Who knows if it was a malfunction, or something the Professor had done while he was smashing the keyboard, but Orpal and Vortox had been teleported far across the known universe to a small under developed planet called Earth. Right into a classroom of students whose teacher had just stepped out to the bathroom.

The machine had dressed them in clothing correct for the planet at least, however Vortox ended up dressed as a medieval knight, and Orpal in a Kawai cosplay type get up.

Well at least they got away from the bounty hunters I guess.....

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