Sunday, May 15, 2011

Entry for All About You

So I guess some people might be stopping by to see if I'm going to comment on the ''You're a Tosser'' raging that Mares are doing and the more ''I'm disappointed in your lack of tact and understanding'' post from AE......but to be honest I just don't give a fuck. If you know me, you know its the biggest pile of bullshit ever, if you don't then you are entitled to think badly of me for my lack of political correctness and assume I hate or look down on those with disabilities, that's cool with me.

On a less dramatic and more sim related note I did enter my entry for the simself competition I entered (that's a lot of entering >.<). It's called All About You and has a whopping 30+ contestants. The first assignment was to portray your best trait and your worst trait in two different pictures (based on a set of traits we chose when we submitted when we entered) mine were Artistic, Great Kisser, Hotheaded, Insane, and Family Orientated, guess after all that post bullshit I should have put inappropriate in there somewhere lol. Best Trait: Great Kisser

Worst Trait: Hot Headed

They do both have little blurbs, as required by the host Felicia but since the Sims forums are down I can't add them in..........I might do an edit later.

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