Friday, May 20, 2011


Another last minute entry mwhahaha, getting back into my old ways of submitting on the last day...I should really not it's much nicer not having the added rush of knowing it has to be in on the same day I start putting it together.

However it seems every-time I go to create an entry for Darkslayers comp, Vampire the Masquerade, there seems to be a variety of new poses out that just give me a instant idea. This time it was the sleeping poses by Traelia, and some new couples poses from another talented modthesims pose maker. Which lead me to create this for the ''Sire and Childe'' assignment.

The relationship between sire and Childe is generally kept as brief as possible within the coven Dezlith was brought up in. The clan as a whole was expected to help her develop her place within the world, and cultivating a sense of dependency and loyalty to the clan as whole rather than to a specific person.
However Dezlith's sire was one who constantly broke this unwritten rule and would have romantic affairs with his male and female children alike. Sebastian was Dezlith's first lover, one who not only taught her tricks in the bedroom but also unwittingly aided in Dezlith's development into a force to be reckoned with amongst her peers, the two spending many nights abducting victims in a variety of creative ways.

Did some further experimentation with blood editing trying to stain their victims clothing in a way that would reflect a bleeding wound in the neck.


  1. Niiiiice. Your pictures are getting better and better! The edited blood looks great -- must steal some of your awesomeness!

    (and boy howdy do i feel ya on the last minute thing. im notoriously bad about it...i'm doing it right now, and not even for a comp >.<)

  2. Thanks dude, trying to spent a little more time experimenting with all the hundreds of brushes I have hehe