Monday, May 16, 2011

New Game Time Maybe?

With my sims game on the fritz, as well as the forums, and my insomnia back, I'm a bit bored (even after a few games with new champions on League of Legends)

Hope I can get extensions on my entries for the modeling comps I'm in but I've also been looking at another game. I have been contemplating it for a while now after seeing pictures on Zeri's and LE's blogs, its Forsaken World.

I still have WoW installed on my computer so I guess before I download the client I should finally remove it, which will be the final benchmark in me finally kicking the habit and quitting what used to be a pretty heavy addiction.

Zeri already runs a successful guild so I'm going to mosy on over there and join in the fun, the biggest decision is figuring out what to play, human mage, human priest or dwarven marksmen...hmmmm, I'm also kinda intrigued by the Bard.

Will watch some videos and try to fix my sims game first though :D


  1. Know what you mean, I realised how much time I spent on the forums O.o i've been so bored I redesigned my whole blog xD Should be working but oh well. As for WoW, I was on it for AGES and then my account got hacked and it kinda put me off, and its not on my new mac anyway and I would have re-buy all the expansions, but I do still get times when I think, 'I really want to play WoW' xD

  2. I saw League of Legends on an ad, and was thinking of joining. What's it like?

    And I am sure you will have lots of fun with Forsaken World. Have fun!

  3. i think bard is the one class i havent played with yet. i have an assassin, a vampire, a priest, a mage, and a marksman. o yeah and a warrior. my kindred sin is my main character tho. hes so hot <3

  4. That new game sounds similar to WoW. It's not really kicking the bucket as in turning to another source to get the addiction from. I'm just saying. Game sounds fun though.

  5. The mechanics for Bard look awesume, completely different to anything else I've seen in an MMO. Elf was the one race I was least excited about playing though lol

    @LE League of Legends is great, pvp based though personally I haven't done any pvp games yet still trying to find a groove with one champion theres so many to pick from.

  6. @aimee yeah it is but shhhhh lol
    I see it as moving from crack cocaine to marijuana lol

  7. i think you all should come play Warhammer online with my husband and i ! The game mechanics are great and the PVP is awsome! order is a tad bit gay, but fun. Destro rocks and is a blast to play. Really you can't go wrong.

    Come play!

  8. So you switched from WoW to Warhammer Sereni?!
    I'm kinda being driven by the desire for a free game, just so if I don't have time to play for a few weeks I don't feel like I'm wasting a months game time.

  9. Yeah we wern't enjoying Wow that much. We loved Warhammer a couple of years ago, but left it when the player base diminished for AAion.

    The player base has picked up again and we love the game mechanics. Realm vs realm ( PVP) is spectacular and ever changing ( you never know when you log on what the state of your world will be) and their chapters (PVE) are really indepth and good and fun to play.

    With the renown system, you can totally customize your character so no two Shammies or characters will be exactly the same.

    like any game there are good things and bad things and thigns we love and things we hate. But War is one of those games that ya just enjoy.

    it does take some skill, especially in PVP. You can't really just log in and then shut your brain off, if you battle for the realm, you need to be thinking all the time and adjusting for each situation.

    Keep takes are a lot of fun ( even with the new easier keep take system- they've dumbed the game down some, but it doesn't ruin anything)

    yeah, it's just lots of fun.

  10. I've never been big on pvp, but I think it was more I wasn't into WoW pvp, it seemed far more gear based rather than strategy or skill and sometimes the classes go so unbalanced it was just an overall shitfest.

    I did look at Warhammer once, I watched a lot of the release videos on game trailers but never did buy it to try it out.

    Glad you're having fun with it though, when I have more disposable income I might at least try it out.

  11. I'm also downloading the trial of Rift, just cause. Hehe

    Yeah Wow's PVP sucks, really really sucks. Warhammer is totally different and you MUST have skills or learn them quickly if you want to survive.

    i love that a lot of thought went into this game. Sadly EA has gotten ahold of it and they decided that the game was too hard as it was so they nerfed the hell out of it. That said it IS still heaps of fun. It's a great dark world and the chapters are really good. Sadly, most people no longer play the chapters and only PVP because of the renown system, so a great part of the game is being missed out on.

    There is a great free trial. it's endless if you don't mind playing only tier one and not being able to trade stuff. War isn't for everyone though, it really isn't fluffy or light hearted ( as a girl i do love fluffly and light hearted- but I also love the darkness of War.)

    i am looking at rift as it sounds like it has based itself off of the great points of WAr and other good games.

    I wish you luck in finding a game.

    Will you play Diablo online when it's out? If so, I'll see ya there.

  12. Oh I'm totally playing Diablo, so we will have to catch up again before that is out, I'd love for me and my hubby to play on the same server as you and yours :D

    My best friend in NZ actually has been playing Rift a little bit, hes an old hardcore WoW player too, so let me know what you think about it cause I was close to buying that at the store recently lol, even though it's also pay to play.

  13. Hey Seren *waves*

    I saw an ad for Rift. Looks cool. May end up getting it. (Still have my Sims addiction to feed first tho) More into the free MMOs atm hehe.

    And don't want to get too bogged down with too many to play. I was playing Runes of Magic, but not really liking it much) May try League of Legends instead.