Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Comp! Beech Modeling

Found another comp that sparked my interest, this one seems like it will be less time consuming than the usual comp since it's all about swimsuits! and a good chunk of my picture taking time is designing outfits for my models and extras.

Toxic was canceled due to Evergreen/Jakes busy life but I really like the model I made for it, so I decided this was the perfect opportunity to use Laleina Kale again.

Here's the first assignment which is a nice basic ''Brightly colored swimsuit with your model on a one color solid background''. Got to play a bit more with some of the new poses for pose player, there's some really amazing ones out there now.

I think it's still looking for entries, so if you're interested have a look for it when the forums come back up


  1. Ohh la la PK. Good luck in the comp :)

    There's a lot of poses that are perfect for this comp now hehe.

  2. Thanks dude :D
    I haven't even had the time to go through all the poses so I'm looking forward to having an excuse hehe

  3. lol, there's a lot of smexy ones :p