Friday, May 27, 2011

Vampire the Masquerade Assignment 6

Assignment 6 was to show off a few of our particular vampire clans ''Disciplines''. As a Tremere I knew I would be rocking some Thaumaturgy, but as it also breaks the Masquerade I had to come up with a plan for the picture. Hopefully I got the right idea, I've never played the game so I took a guess as to what the abilities might look like when performed, but here's the entry and blurb.


Most of the time the human police are not a bother to the vampire community, unfortunately for Dezlith she just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a small group of them watched her drain and kill a person, and then clean herself up before attempting to return to the mansion.

They cornered her, and drew their guns. On the barrel end of terrified men with guns is not a safe place for anyone, even though the bullets couldn't actually kill Dezlith, they could rip through her flesh causing injuries that would take time to heal. So even though it would break the rules of the masquerade Dezlith unleashes her clans special ability and blocks the bullets path with a Blood Shield.

Directly afterwards as the shield is shrinking from around her, to reclaim her cover Dezlith uses the Dominate Discipline ''Brain wash'', Wiping the short term memory of the officers and turning them into to brainless morons long enough for her to make her escape, and memories of seeing a Vampire let alone any Thaumaturgy no longer exist.

From the list


Level 2: Brainwipe
Cost: 2 Blood
Targets: Any within radius of player
Breaks Masquerade: No
Description: Briefly erases the short term memory of anyone in the area of effect. They'll forget what they were just doing including that they were fighting you or even that you're around at all.


Level 3: Blood Shield
Cost: 3 Blood
Targets: Self
Breaks Masquerade: Yes
Description: Envelops the Tremere in a magical barrier that soaks a portion of any damage inflicted. After absorbing a certain amount of damage the spell will wear off.

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  1. Oh wow, that's really great. Their facial expressions are awesome, LOL