Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Yeap, busy again. Summer in Canada this year is actually really nice. I'm normally not a hot weather person, I much prefer rain or snow, but the humidity here is low and other than a shit tonne of mosquitoes it's actually really nice to be outside in. Though I have still to develop any type of tan, I believe my skin to be untannable I am perma white.

I have planned out the next three days to include one simming picture a day though, one for each of the competitions I'm in, so there will be sim flavored updates soon. Feels a bit sad scheduling my sims time, feels like when I had to schedule WoW back in the day due to raiding...but I'm also trying to get back into all the sims sites and blogs I have been missing....mainly hanging around Cstyles again, and getting more involved in Simagination as well as Unbound of course, and catch up with some folks I haven't talked to in a while and meet some of the new crowd.

I've unpacked my camera and tablet so there shall be new new stuff in the works.....and hopefully maybe even some pose creation experimentation....guess you all have to wish for rain in my region so I have an excuse to not walk the dogs/mow the law/work in the garden/go shopping etc etc lol

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