Friday, August 26, 2011

I Get Distracted Easily

I'm currently desperately trying to finish scores for Inspiration and my pictures for DEMONS...I've been so slack lately. In between forums, and chatboxes, sleeping and spending time with the hubby I've done jack all in the sim modeling department, I'm behind in judging and my DEMONS entry is super late.
Soon as I have it finished I promise to post it, and I'm trying to get myself in order less time wasting, more making sure I'm up to date with all my other commitments.


  1. Yeah, I get distracted pretty eas...

    Hey! A sheep!

  2. Sometimes I think I have a form of Adult ADD or something. I can't do one thing at once...if I'm playing Sims I'm also watching TV at least lol and I get sidetracked real easy....something takes my fancy and I'm gone lol