Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So excited! Got given a link to a safe download of Photoshop recently from a lovely simmer on Symlish. I install it today...took me forever. I also tried to install 900 brushes that I  also nabbed through a torrent, but CS5 has a limit on brushes so I'm going to have to actually go through them all and delete all the ones I don't like or won't use since they didn't all successfully install. Luckily thats really easy to do since I can delete and load brushes WHILE photoshop is open and running.

Normally I would give myself a chance to get used to the program before jumping right in....but screw it. I'm about to finish of the in game base of my entry for Beech Modeling....and then I'm going to slide it on into photoshop and get busy. I think I'm even going to attempt some hairdrawing.

I have until midnight tonight to get my entry in, and even if I end up getting eliminated due to trowing caution to the wind and working with a brand new program right in the assignment that will decide the top three...then at least I would have gotten some practice.

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