Friday, August 19, 2011

Up all night once again

I'm definitly a night owl.
I've been up all night again watching another season of Big Brother UK and playing Sims at the same time, very handy having a laptop I can move it over to my husbands computer once he has gone to bed and watch youtube vids while playing hehe.

Some of you already know my exciting news, but since it hasn't really been announced yet....or at least I don't think it has, I won't go into detail, but I'm trying something different in the Modeling community soon, and I've been working on stuff for that.

I've also been tweaking a new sim model for a while now and finally decided she was finished and ready for a competition to trial her out. I once tried a dark skinned model back when I first started modeling....but the EA skins are so flat and lifeless the darker they get and I found it hard to light her well. However that was then, and this is now, and I would like to try something new, so I made Sundra Holt and she is currently signed up for Beechnutbaby's competition Hot or Not, which is still accepting sign ups over on Unbound and on the officials.


  1. Do you recommend Big Brother UK? I have been a loyal addict/junkie of Big Brother here since season 1. I even use to DVR after dark on showtime and watch 3 hrs of others people sitting around >.< Love the look of Sundra she has a very high fashion edge to her.

  2. I much prefer BB UK to the American one....far more interesting characters, not everyone is attractive or thin like it's USA counterpart.

    The tasks and games they do are funnier, theres no talking about nominations bullshit so if you're an asshole you won't last to the end just because you have a majority alliance. The public vote out the housemates, after each housemate nominates 2 people for eviction in the diary room.

    The house changes every year too (and not like USA BB where they just change the decorations lol). Theres far more twists, more fights, more drama, more romances and they just feel like real people more than the American one.