Monday, August 15, 2011

Quick Update

If I have time tonight I'll be working on putting together the new legacy town (Editing all the residents, creating the starter couple) and/or working on my entry for Work It. So with some luck there might be another blog entry tonight or early tomorrow.

I'm now judging Mythology over on Simagination, link to the site is on the side there. Alix has taken over as host, it's her first time, I think shes also looking for another judge so if you're experienced and interested drop her a line. It's an Elven competition, so as you can imagine the pictures are magical!

I've also submitted an application to become the Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Cycle 3, Co-host. This could be where I get some interest in Hosting, or decide that it definitely isn't for me....assuming I get picked hehe. Either way I will be judging as winner of Cycle 2. Sign ups start in September both on the officials and at Simpure Thoughts so if you missed out on Bad Girls Society and still want to check out one of Felicia's comps then watch out for this one, it's non editing and a great start for any beginner, or a great way to further perfect the skills of an already experienced in game photographer.

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