Thursday, August 18, 2011

Heart Canvas

I tossed up many different made up brand names for this lingerie advertisement, I originally was going to go with ''RedCat'' since that's the name of the creator who made the set. However when I was testing out sets I couldn't really come up with anything that matched the theme that didn't just look odd (who would wear lingerie in an alley way?). So I went with something a bit safe.

Had some issues with the tablet too, kept getting a message saying that my computer couldn't find the drivers and neither the mouse nor the pen would work. I installed new drivers and still had no luck. I actually ended up having to delete all my saved preferences for the tablet and then it started working again.

But it's done, not exactly what I had originally planned....but these days I seem to be either winging it or changing my mind in the middle of setting up assignments.

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