Monday, August 29, 2011

Life, Death and a bit of Lolita

So yeah, I totally forgot to post my stuff....bad PK

DEMONS entry, Assignment was two pictures representing how our Demon sees life and Death.


After recovering from the shock of watching her own body being created Static got a chance to explore her surroundings. She found herself in a strange synthetic world, full of all kinds of information.

She began to familiarize herself with her summoner even before being introduced to her, by viewing photographs and home videos she had stored on her computer. Static watched hours of television shows, flicked through hundreds of pictures and listened to many different audio recordings, most of which were musical.

She learned all about her jailer, her family and well as the eccentricities of this new species called human, via all the media both personal and commercial her summoner had stored on her hard drive, from baby pictures to animations. Some of the discoveries were wondrous, others shocking and some confused Static and had her mind racing.

''Zara'', she said her name allowed, it felt foreign and strange, but Static knew it was a name she would remember.


Zara turned out to be an interesting creature. Sometimes Static quite liked her, she spoke to her like a friend, asked her opinion on things and even entertained her. But she was also very cruel, sometimes treating Static like a toy, a slave....almost like she saw Static as something she had created rather than someone whom she had summoned from another plain of existence.

Something Static found both enjoyable and horrifying were computer games, Zara had a large variety of them on her computer, her favorites though were the ones that involved killing things. She included Static in these adventures, sometimes as an ally, and others as her enemy.

Static had not quite got her head around certain concepts of human existence from Zara's media library and one such thing was death. However during her time in these games she experienced this over and over. At first it was a little rattling, the sudden darkness and feeling of weightlessness, but eventually became expected, mundane. Static would put herself in riskier and riskier positions, having no fear of watching zombies tear her body apart, or bullets rip through her she would just re-spawn to try it all over again, she was immortal.

Not exactaly the most stunning entries in terms of smooth editing, but I had fun making them, and they are decent considering I procrastinated for so long and was late getting them in (won't be doing that again)

And then there's my entry for Hot or Not. Beech has opted for that pesky ''PM me your assignment'' angle, so I feel weird about posting my entry before they have been revealed. I will however try to be better at remembering to post it than I was with Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.

First assignment was Lolita style, plain background, contrasting colors, sex appeal
Scores are already in for this one and I came first, I'm glad I scored so high even though my background was a bit TOO simple and I should have upped the Lolita look by adding stockings (Sundra has lovely legs though!)

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  1. These pics are just Amazing Pk like wow O_O

    I absolutely adore the idea for the Life shot with your different entries in it, it looked awesome