Sunday, August 21, 2011

Still Awake

Another sleepless night for me, I blame wrestling.

It was good, my husband wasn't overly happy with it, I guess he thought it was going to be a televised show, but that was never going to happen because our stadium (though bigger than the capital of SK Regina) isn't really equipped for a recorded event and the recorded event was going to happen in Edmonton. There were a few things missing since it was just a house event, no commentators, HHH didn't make an appearance in person and no promos, but I enjoyed it all the same.

It probably would have been better if we were seated with some more lively folks. We had some old folks in front of us who looked like they were falling asleep the whole time, and a guy and his son, he spent most of his time taking photos on his digital camera and his son only really got into it when damned Cena arrived (When I started booing Cena the kid turned around with this shocked look on his face like I had just killed a kitten) and this kid actually yelled out for Cena to ''show us his abs'' was quite disturbing. There was also a young girl behind us with the most terrible high pitched voice, she screamed basically the whole time Kelly Kelly was in the ring (lucky Diva's matches are short) and flipped out when Cena came out as well. The guy next to me was about my age but didn't cheer, or get into the chants or anything the sad sack of shit. Next time I think we will drive the 5 hours to Edmonton and get tickets to the televised event for the full experience....that way we can also go to Taco Bell because Saskatoon doesn't even have one grrr.

I was meant to be spending the rest of the night doing sims stuff if I was still awake. All I've done though is scores for PINK because I'm watching the Live televised Intel Extreme Masters tournament for League of Legends, the final starts in about half an hour. I swear my husband has turned me into a bigger nerd than I was when I met him....watching damned Starcraft and LoL tournaments.

I will be doing at least one competition picture today however, so there might be a second more Simmy related post today too. Hope everyone elses weekend is going as great as mine is.


  1. I prolly would have been disappointed as well. Perhaps a lot of the fans were like, Meh! since it was televised. I gotta agree with you though, Cena sucks. I hate his whole, "U can't see me" gimmick.

    Although, I dislike a lot of the new wrestlers. I've been watching it since the 80s, and while I understand it evolved, the new wrestlers don't put on a show quite like the wrestlers from the 80s and 90s. It's too gimmick-y now. If I do watch it, it's for the Undertaker, HHH, and maybe the generation superstars like the New Hart Foundation.