Sunday, June 5, 2011

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Had an idea for the first assignment of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun floating around in my head for days, I just couldn't motivate myself to sit down and really build it. However Insomnia returned to rear its head, and when others were sleeping I was creating a Sim picture.

GJWHF this cycle has a woman in the workplace theme, with each assignment being different industries of employment, we can choose any job within the boundaries of the assignment theme however. The first assignment was the Fashion Industry...models, designers, agents etc

Not everyone gets that lucky break and walks straight into the fashion industry as a designer, some have to start at the bottom. Saffia decided to do just that working for a small company who specializes in doing alterations and repairs for designer clothing. The loft studio they work out of does have its own charm and they try to give it an up market feel by offering their clients wine at consultations, but the pay off is nothing compared to being an actual designer....but you have to start somewhere!

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