Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tarot Card

Finally got around to doing my Tarot Card entry for Canvas, I have been wasting what time I've had these past few days to play the Sims chatting on the Unbound site *shakes fist at Beech and Bliss getting a chatbox*

However here it is, The Priestess Tarot Card

I also joined another competition since Dark Shadowz is coming to a close soon. Another one run by Felicia called Girls Just Wanna have Fun, which runs just like All About Me and is non elimination. If you want to join in, sign ups are still open over at Unbound. I actually made a new model for this comp since I realised I don't have any red haired models that still use, so meet Saffia Durden.


  1. Your entry is beautiful <3 Tarot cards can provide so much inspiration!