Monday, June 20, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I didn't think this picture was very good, once again I was surprised to find something I didn't like someone else did and it did come second in the Circus Assignment for Girls Just Wanna Have I guess I'll post it up.
Next is my entry for the Vampire the Masquarade semi final which was an assignment about our vampire feeding a distressed and dying human at the local hospital and then abandoning them, only for them to turn up on our doorstep as a ghoul. Tied for first place with JKAmarylis who I will face in the two part finale yay!

Dezlith had no other choice than to bring the ghoul into her apartment, its slobbering haggard appearance would attract unwanted attention from humans and vampires alike. Still dressed in an inpatients gown from the hospital it grovelled around on the antique rugs getting mud and dried blood everywhere, ranting a raving about having a revelation punctuating every sentence with some kind of compliment about how beautiful or strong or magnificent she was. 

Dezlith scowled at the creature, she had had a moment of weakness at the sight of such an attractive man in such unbelievable pain and distress, but now he was but a shell of his former self, the accelerated ageing process already taking hold of the ghouls body. 

The kindest thing to do is to end his life, since there's no way she would stoop to the level of having a Blood Doll that hadn't been assigned by the elders,no matter how cute he was at full health.

And finally my entry for the ''If I had a million Dollars'' assignment for All About Me. Voting is up on the Unbound website for crowd favorite so don't forget to stop by and vote for your fav!

Even though my husband and I are married we never really had a wedding as such. We couldn't afford anything beyond a small ceremony at home at the time, and my family and friends couldn't even attend as it was held in Canada 2 days after I arrived lol.
So aside from the boring usual stuff like paying off all our debt, like my student loan we would definitely be spending the money on being able to have a full blown wedding, like a renewal of our vows in New Zealand so that all the people who couldn't attend the actual wedding could celebrate with us. We would pay to fly my in laws and a few close friends out though, so that everyone could meet each other.

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