Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dark Shadowz Results

As suspected I came second in Dark Shadowz, Dark Faerie Edition. Was my very first non ellimination compeition, and I have to say it was very hard to stay motivated. While non ellimination compeitions are fantastic for those starting out in the modeling scene, I personally found it hard to push myself to do better each round when there was no threat of being elliminated.

It was pretty close between myself and Chellemh who has become one of my new favorite Sims 3 picture editors, her fantasy work is really fantastic.

I may or may not be judging the next cycle, I really have to think about whether I have time to judge anymore competitions, even though my scoring system doesn't take as long as actually creating an entry for a competition, it is still very time consuming as I try to put a lot of effort into the comments I provide.

Another amazing siggy to add to my collection. Beech really has a knack for making them, I think this is one of my favorite's right now.


  1. Congrats on being runner up! She does make good siggies doesn't she. I know I LOVE the siggy I got from Enchant Me that was made by her :)

  2. Yeah makes me wanna join more comps of hers to try and add more of her siggies to my collection hehe