Wednesday, June 8, 2011

VTM Assignment 7

Been really busy with general real life stuff as well as the chatbox over at Unbound, which has been sucking a fair amount of my spare time. Finally got my entry for Vampire the Masqurade finished.
Don't know if this is going to be enough to get me through to the next round though, getting down to the last few people, and I had a severe creative block with this assignment.

Assignment Seven was entitled ''Undead Dogsbody'', as a newly sired Vamp our models end up with all the shitty tasks from the older vampires. Our assignment was to show what our model was told to do and how she/he felt about doing it. I tried to think of something creative, so we will have to see what happens.

Dezlith sits at the bottom of the Tremere ladder as a newly created vampire, but the lowest rung of their ladder is still miles above most other vampires. Tremere don't generally do their own dirty work, so newly sired Vampires don't get the really crappy jobs, those are already handled by lesser clans, or human beings. 

However due to Dezlith's eventual slot within the Tremere elite she was given the hard tasks of keeping certain difficult vampires out of trouble. Old ones that might on occasion be a little careless with the rules of the masquerade and need someone to constantly watch their back. Dezlith's job is babysitting. 

More stressful than any secret mission, trickier than kidnapping pregnant woman and sometimes messier than cleaning up after a wild vampire party.....was watching the entrances while Gregory Voltis gets his fangs into the daughter of a wealthy land owner who also happens to be holding a party upstairs in his grand ballroom. 

Hurry up Gregory I don't think that music is going to muffle her screaming for much longer! 

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