Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two Pictures and a Sim

Wasn't going to post my most recent entry for Dark Shadowz, since I didn't think it was very good and I tend to avoid posting anything thet I don't think is actually worth posting. However it did win the assignment it was for, so I guess I'll post it anyways.
The finale for Dark Shadowz is now here, three pictures all freestyle to compete the story we have been writing. Theres only four of us left in the non elimination competition so I am proud to be one of those four people who stuck it out to the end. Here is my entry for the last assignment which had to have a spring theme.

Then I have my entry for the latest assignment for Beech Modeling which was our models trying on different swimsuits with their friends. I was trying to think of something creative, but with all the other Real Life stuff I had going on in the past week I just ended up doing a regular old bedroom shoot.

I have been recently tempted with a large number of competitions, but I have been good and haven't thrown sanity out the window and joined them all like I would have once done. So sadly I missed out on stuff like Squally's Portal comp, Beechs One Shot Modeling and resorted to judging instead of competing in Bliss's PINK. I was also interested in Unmasked, Sensations Next Top Model and SNTM but I decided to sign up for only one......and I chose Beauty Cycle 3 Alice in Wonderland Hosted by Pixie30 and AzaraRumohra.

This then involved me making a new model, which lead me to the creation of Alyce La Fay. Here's her head shot for the competition.


  1. Alyce looks great! love her eyes <3

  2. *dances* yaay! i finally get to compete with you, and possibly beat your ass at least once :]i think that's going to be my goal for this competition xD and this is in a good way, just so ya know. :P

  3. Well wouldn't be any fun if it was easy to win hehe. Using Beauty as my editing guinea pig comp so I wouldn't be surprised if I get whomped...though my damned tablet still hasn't arrived yet so I haven't even started learning how to use it :(

  4. once you do get it, the hardest thing is adjusting yourself so you know how to cover the whole screen easily. but once you do, it's like riding a bike. you never loose it :P