Thursday, June 23, 2011

Moving House

I'll be moving soon, most of our stuff will prob be shifted on Sunday just because thats generally everybodies day off so it wouldn't be just me and the in laws trying to move all the heavy furniture hehe
I won't have any internet downtime since thats already all been set up, but I might not be on as much anyways due to needing to set things up and settle in.

Have one Sims picture to post, an entry for girls Just Wanna Have Fun for the assignment with an illegal job theme. Saffia is working as a hired gun or hitman for a local crime syndicate.
I am working on finishing the three pictures for the Dark Shadowz finale which I will hopefully have all finished today if not finished tomorrow night, so I might have time before we started really moving everything to post those up too.


  1. Yay moving :D I take it that's a good thing xD Good luck :)

  2. Erg, I hate it when I have to shift house, have fun with that :P

    Totally badass picture btw, very nice ;)

  3. It is a good thing, but definitely not my favorite thing to do, though I have done it A LOT in my lifetime.

    I always seem to loose something in the process every-time too

  4. Oohh! Are you moving to a different province? Or staying in the same? Good luck with the move.

    And I agree, that pic is Badass. ^.^