Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates, that should be remedied soon once I have everything sorted.

Moving took longer than I expected, had no idea how much stuff we had accumulated in the year and a half we had been living in the apartment. Took an extra day to move all the big stuff due to many factors, one of those being the husband and I getting pulled over by the cops because our registration had expired 3 weeks ago....yet another important thing my husband has issues keeping track of, so we got a 580 dollar fine and had to interrupt the moving process to go and get the car registered.

Then it took a whole day to deep clean the apartment, mostly because I almost had to re-clean everything my husband ''cleaned'', because....well I dunno it must be genetics that men don't see certain dirt lol.

Planning on getting caught up with my competitions tonight and tomorrow, got some scoring done last night before I coma'd and again this morning in between naps....because yay me, I'm sick again, my immune system sucks so much ass....but at least people aren't waiting on my judging results.

Once I'm sorted in the simming department I can get working on unpacking everything, finding homes for stuff and sorting out boxes.

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  1. sounds like hell. hopefully you can recooperate pretty quickly