Saturday, June 4, 2011

Judging Gigs

Normally I'm not big on judging, it's not as exciting or as fulfilling as actually competing in competitions.
However I have started getting into it more since winning the right to judge in Flux cycle 3 and Clique cycle 2. I've gotten a lot of comments from contestants and hosts alike that I'm more prompt than most at getting the scores in and provide some really detailed and honest comments without being a total D bag.

It's amazing to see some people really growing and improving through the length of a competition based on the comments they get each round....people like Simanims, Pam and Malaia have used feedback from good quality judges to really produce amazing work. I hope that my comments and feedback can do the same for some other simmers.

Updated my current Sims Modeling en devours to include all the competitions I'm now scoring as part of a judging panel as well as everything I'm currently competing in.

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