Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bridge City Boogie

Yes a non Sims related post, because omg I do more than just sit around on my computer! hehe
I'll be going to bed Grandma early tonight to get up early tomorrow (early being 5:30am, which is super early for me, definitly not a morning person) to walk/run 10k in

10k might not be far for some people but I'm not exactaly fit, or slim either so it's going to be a mission and a half to get through it without dying. So I will not be surprised if I'm MIA for the whole day tomorrow lol.


  1. Good luck with it ^_^ I know you can do it :P

    We had to do a 5k run at school the other day... I spent the majority speed walking and doing the awkward half jog/walk LOL

  2. I am def not a light weight either but for some dumb reason I still like to jog, lol! Good luck to ya!

  3. I did ok, kinda strolled to most of it lol.....but I very much enjoyed it, and I'm not a fan of exercise I find it intensely boring.
    I'm going to look out for any other walks/runs and maybe keep training all year long maybe loose some weight or something lol