Friday, September 30, 2011


Here's my Hot or Not entry as promised yesterday

Dominion the new map for League of Legends has been released, gave it a go this morning with the husband before he left for work. It's interesting, probably a bit too Arathi Basin from World of Warcraft for me though. However I probably would have enjoyed my first experience more if we didn't have a total dickhead on our team.

I'm all for people trying to actually be good at an online game, since their personal abilities do effect the enjoyment of the game for others, but there's just no need to be total assholes about it. Verbally abusing someone because they die a couple of times doesn't help them and doesn't make you look like a decent human being either, there's just no need for it, it's a fucking computer game after all.

Felt sorry for the player that this guy just totally ragged on the entire match...he also had a jab at me, right after he died to a three vs two fight, (somehow it was my fault that we lost a battle we were outnumbered in when they popped all their ultimates) so I reported him, as did the other three people on my team. Hope the little cunt gets a suspension from the tribunal.

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