Sunday, September 11, 2011

Pontiac Solstice Advertisment

My entry for Hot or Not sucks, so I won't be posting that....however I had fun making my advertisment for ''Work It''.

We were assigned Cars to download, I got the Pontiac Solstice by Fresh Prince Creations....very nice vehicle, like all his CC. I decided to keep it yellow, seems to be a pattern I got a yellow painting last round, and this round a default yellow vehicle hehe.

Did some research and worked out that the particular design would more than likely be based off a Pontiac Solstice GXP, so that's what stats I went with.

I was going to do some hair drawing with this entry, but I just didn't have time....Really hope I can sort my life out so I can start planning my time a bit better, I'm sure it's getting old me always being the last to submit and my entries always looking a bit rushed.
Anyways, here is my Advertisment! Check out the thread on the officals, all the entries for this round are amazing.

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