Saturday, September 17, 2011

You Suck At Photoshop

Was given a link to a series of Photoshop tutorials on YouTube called ''You Suck at Photoshop''. They aren't super detailed, but they are hilarious. It runs kinda like a story of a guy who ends up getting a divorce from his wife who cheats on him, he also has a horrible job, a Facebook girlfriend who is quite a few years older than him and a weird World of Warcraft friend who skypes him all the time.

Through watching some of these today I've starting experimenting with some new tools. I'm very proud how this Hot or Not entry turned out. So much so I'm going to post the before and after pictures to show the differences. The pose I chose warped the dress really badly so I had to fix that, and I had to remove the weird lump it gave her foot. It's not perfect but I really like it.

The assignment was to have our model in a completely white/grey set wearing a bright contrasting color. I went a bit cliche with choosing red, but once again Sundra looks great in whatever color I put her in hehe.

BEFORE (completely unedited)
Fixed the dress in three places
Re smoothed fabric
Fixed broken foot
Smoothed skin and hair
Removed cutting issue with hair
Recolored nails
Added Eyeliner and Eyelashes
Brightened eyes and earrings
Cropped image

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