Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's the Way she Goes

Got first place with the picture I didn't really like, and not even top three with the one I did. >.<

Assignment 2 of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun is up, and it features an example shot created by me for the month of September. I chose a nice and simple holiday for Canada, Labor Day and did a picnic shot. Tough competition in this cycle, scores are going to be super close every single round I think.

Going to hopefully try my hand at making poses soon. Couldn't work out why Blender wasn't working....and the active pose makers I know of use Milkshape instead, so I might as well work with the same program so if I have any issues or problems I can get hold of someone quickly.

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  1. I had to get Milkshape, Blender wouldn't work on my computer and all I could get from the support on their site was that sometimes it didn't work on some people's computers. WTF? *lol* I need to try more pose making. It seems like a really useful tool!