Friday, September 9, 2011

Photoshop Progress

Yes long time no update. After a party my father in law broke his main walker so I've been trying to help out around the house the usual procrastination.

Have had some time to fool around with Photoshop, unfortunatly it was on compeition pictures, probably not the best place to be making shit up as I go along. My first attempt at hairdrawing was a diaster. The brush I was using didn't seem to be fine enough for my taste, and I think I might have to do some adustment with my pen pressure on my tablet or something since making strands wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be.

Hot or Not Black and White Assignment
Then I was kinda forced to edit heavily for Beech Modeling. I very much doubt I'll be lasting beyond third place, but I'm ok with that....this is the first heavily edited entry that I've done for anything that I can say I actually really enjoyed doing.

Beech Modeling Wild Animal (in swimsuit of course)

Learned some new tricks, and how to do certain stuff (like rotating and moving layers, desaturating single layers etc) in PS that I was so used to doing easily in GIMP. It's nowhere near perfect, however it's almost 7:30am and I would like to finally get some sleep lol.

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