Sunday, October 2, 2011

DEMONS finale

Here's my entry for the finale of DEMONS, was a short lived compeition due to a tonne of drop outs, but I loved being able to do sci fi themed pictures once again.
I like my demon so much I'm going to make her over and sign her up to the next cycle of Static when it starts. I have the most fun creating Sci Fi pictures, so I think I'm going to be always on the look out for them.

The full story behind the pictures can be found on the thread on Unbound for anyone who is interested.

Working on my Anti Smoking Advertisement today for Work It, so I will have that up tomorrow!


  1. Yea 9/12 people dropped or no showed...which means there were never even eliminations, which does make me feel a bit shit to be honest. I must not be a very good host, so I don't think theres going to be a cycle 2 :(

  2. Don't you dare think that! Fantasy is just hard, much harder than fashion comps, there's no way you can throw together a fantasy picture in 10 mins and still score well.....but you can do that in fashion comps, people have gotten lazy, even myself, my time management has gone down the toilet lol.

    I enjoyed the comp, even if it didn't last long