Monday, December 20, 2010

Clique Assignment 5

This is one of the two teen competitions I'm in on the forums right now. Clique is on Assignment 5 already, it has moved very quickly since we first started.

The assignment was to choose one of three punishments our model was to endure after getting caught skipping class. Though it's not exactly the most creative idea, I really wanted to use this grungy bathroom set from TSR.

My models name btw is Simone Lovecraft.

Simone skipped class to take a smoke break....come on it was only gym she wasn't missing out on much right? The dean decided her punishment would be to slap on an old shirt, some rubber gloves and an apron and clean the very bathroom she had hid in while everyone was running laps.


  1. lol I love it.. and I freaking love her hair color!

  2. Dude, I love that grungy bathroom set -- I downloaded it ages ago but have yet to even unzip the file! I love the angle of the pic, and your model stands out but still fits perfectly in the setting. You're on a frikkin role!

  3. I love the set! Took me longer to build it than actually take the shot lol