Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Faerie Folk Assignment 4

More pickage spam! This one is for my favorite comp atm, Faerie Folk Good vs Evil....and of course I'm on the evil side hehe.

My model Zeviko Hu is a fox Faerie a mythical being of Chinese and Japanese culture.

This particular assignment was about the senses, I was slow to view the thread and ended up with SMELL, since the other options had already been selected by my fellow evil faeries.
I had a bit of a mind block for a while, I honestly could only think of farts for a VERY long time, until I did some research and finally came up with this.

Smell is an extremely important sense, It can alert you to danger, help you chose something delicious to eat and it can help memories to come flooding back. Zeviko uses the power of scent for a different purpose. Certain smells can aide in sleep, in addition some perfumes can provoke good dreams, as well as horrific nightmares. Through the lost art of Alchemy Zeviko creates a foul scented brew that drags young children into a strange and terrible nightmare world.

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