Monday, December 20, 2010

The Business of being Switzerland

I did at one point try to keep a blog, however I found it easier to just slap in my bit in the comments of other peoples, until this issue came up. My view point is so different to everyone elses that I felt it really warranted its own post, plus it will probably be long as fuck and take up far to much space in someone elses comments.

Ok so, Sereniticat and LadyEm...can't say I didn't see it coming. And why may you ask if I saw the shit storm up ahead, did I not buy everyone raincoats?....well because it's not my job to in all honestly....we gun slinging kittens are a lazy bunch.

Like many bust-ups between mates on the simming forums I have the knack of standing back and seeing the villain and victim in both sides. There are few instances in life where one party is wholly to blame for anything.

I appear to be excused for my lack of giving a shit about the creation of Cloud Ten and the departure of Sun and JK from Sim Sanctuary...mainly because I had taken a leave of absence from the simming world for real life and the crack addiction that is World of Warcraft. I also believe its because my friends have come to the realization that I'm all over the fucking place, sometimes I visit your blog and comment, sometimes I lurk, sometimes I come onto chat.....and the rest of the time I just can't be fucked...and it isn't at all a reflection of how much I value the friendship, I just have a squirelly attention span.

I have the capacity to be a raving bitch, so I understand that everyone no matter how great a person they are have some ''special'' moments, and in no way should I use these singular moments to paint a person in one color, they are things I store away in their file for reference later on. Therefore in many situations that don't directly involve me, I am effectively Switzerland.

From the outside once again, blogging about something that should have been sorted out in private has made everything so much worse...and if I saw the bust-up coming then I'm damn well sure that the opportunity to deal with whatever issues were brewing behind the scenes came well before the desire to tell the whole world about it. It seemed even more silly that the posting back and forth started after a fairly innocent post was made regarding the Mares constantly slagging off Cloud Ten, and how that refreshing some old drama could be effecting any mending of ties that might have been going on.

I can see why LE was offended by comments made in Sereni's modeling comp regarding judging and such. No other comps around felt the need to state how ''straight forward'' things were going to be, there was really no need for the statements to be made in the first place. Though in all seriousness hers wasn't the only comp that kinda took a crack at Simiverse's unnecessarily complicated set up, that being said just because some of us found some of LE's shit hard to follow in the second and third cycles doesn't mean that all the contestants and lurkers felt the same way.

This in no way is me taking a crack at either of you,or me claiming that what I felt when I read posts is truth, I'm just giving you the perspective of Switzerland, that neither of you really thought about how the other was going to react and feel to your actions.

I don't agree with the way LE handled the Chama situation, yes I have expressed my feelings directly to LE, no I didn't feel the need to boycott Sim Sanct in favor of Cloud Ten even though I agree with the anti ''stirring the pot'' position they took. I don't think I should have to be against a person when really I'm just disagreeing with something they said/did etc....unless it becomes a regular occurrence which would highlight a conflict of personalities, in which case I move from being friendly to being polite. No one warrants my wrath until they directly fuck with me.

Regardless of whether anyone reads this, it was nice to get it off my chest :D


  1. Well hey there PK. Nice place ya got here.

    *Takes addy to add to SimsSanctuary :P*

    Anyway, you and I already talked and have our own understanding that we reached, so I don't need to say it again.

    Mostly just making the rounds, commenting what I feel I need to say and be done about it, and cause you actually resurrected your blog I had to come for that too.

    Laters PK!

    *Puts on Best Arnold Voice: I'll be Back!*

  2. Pk, Switzerland is a beautiful place, thanks for sharing it with us.

    I just wanted you to know that I did see this, and I do appreciate it and that you went out of your way to do that.

    Means a lot and it wont be forgotten by me that you've done this. Thank you.