Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Busy! Busy!

I've been super busy since Christmas.
I got a treadmill so I spent some time putting that together.
We had a second Christmas for my brother in law because he was away working at the mines over the Holiday period.
I've applied to and been accepted into my husbands raiding guild on World of Warcraft, so I've been spending some time not just leveling but also learning as much as I can about my class, and Of course devoting some time to the characters I created on another server with JK, Blaz, Kelle and Mr JK.
Catching up with some old friends from back in NZ and other parts of the world.
Cleaning up the house since we were climbing over boxes and such from presents.
Reading through my new cookbooks, in particular the ones I was gifted along with the slow cooker.
And finally trying to keep on top of all the sim modeling comps I'm in! Hopefully tonight/today I will get some time to backup all my save games and install Late Night...yet another Christmas present (I was spoiled this year)

I will leave you with this, my entry for Assignment 5 of Flux...which just happens to be a Christmas card challenge with an assigned Christmas Carol. I hope it's obvious what mine was hehe.

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  1. PK that pic is incredible! The amount of detail you put into it is ASTOUNDING...holy crap in a pita!

    Maybe I can entice you to share a few of your recipes with meh ^_^ I love using the slow cooker, though I've only tried one of the recipes that came in the little included booklet. And congrats on being accepted into the Guild! Lol, slight Venture Bros. reference there...I STILL haven't gotten a chance to really sit down and play WoW or even read about how to play (which I seeeeriously need to do). Imma catch up with you guys someday!

    Take care and Happy New Year! And oh yeah! Your pic for FF is amazing as usual -- I LOVE your model's expression! Vry vry diabolical >:D