Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hard drive Failure

Well it hasn't failed yet, but last night I had a scare. Moved my laptop downstairs (I've been sitting upstairs working on it since my brother in law took over my living room downstairs because he's sick and needs mummy and daddy to look after him *Insert eye-roll here*) it crashed and when I tried to restart it it couldn't see the C drive.

While thats not a ''your hard drive has shat the bed'' definitive annoucement, it can be a sign that it is failing, and since my machine is also making a lot of unessesary noise when accessing the C drive I'd say it's safe to say it's on it's way out.

So I've spent all last night and all day today so far, copying all my important files to an external hard drive...Sims saved stuff, pictures, photographs, music all that jazz. Running repairs, deleting any unused folders, uninstalling old games anything that might extend the life of my laptop.

Lucky it's my birthday next week I might need to get a new computer faster than I was planning to.


  1. Oh no ! I sure hope you are able to get it all sorted. Happy Early Birthday. I'm not too far behind you on the Birthday. October babies are the best !

  2. Yay October babies! :D

    So far so good, saved everything I needed to, to the external hard drive. I had another crash while sims 3 was open, Discovered the machine was getting really hot, so the fan might have stopped working.

    I've had it propped up on a juice box ever since and no crashes lol. I'll have to get a cooling pad for it I guess.