Wednesday, July 20, 2011

OMG a Post!!

Yeap, I have been WAAAYYYY too busy to even update my blog. Good thing is I'm no longer sick, took long enough for me to recover, I would say the fact we had packed my Vitamin B12 medication away somewhere and hadn't found it to unpack it would have been a huge contributor....but yeah, Hubby and I can be real dumbasses sometimes hehe

Finished my finale entry for Vampire the Masquerade, it sucks though so I won't be posting it here, will be a second place for me, which I'm totally cool with, right now I don't have any time to really sit down and play so I'm kinda rushing all my entries. I am going to post my entry for All About Me though, just because I've always wanted to Berrify my simself, and the assignment was just that.

So here's me Berrified as Pumpkin Pie a nerdy Berry Sweet with an addiction to the Sweet Tooth Arcade.

Have dropped from some of my comps, just because it isn't fair to make people continously wait on me, when I really just don't have the time to be in so many comps anymore. I'm still in All About Me and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun because those are nearing the end....and Beech Modeling because that one is a little less time consuming than the others. Will just have to see how much time I have tomorrow to see if I can submit something for Canvas or not.

Going to see Harry Potter on Thursday with some friends, grabbing the chance since my husband doesn't want to see it. We also have tickets to WWE RAW which is coming to Saskatoon, so if I remember to take photo's I'll prob post them here. Will try to be more regular with the updates even if they aren't all sim related.

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